Intuitive web-based software that provides complete process support for your business.

Let Smart Event Manager ease your administrative burden and keep time for what really matters: paying attention to your guests!

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Efficiently and successfully manage the finest events

Experience the power of Smart Event Manager, the most advanced and easy-to-use event management software. Developed with and by industry professionals.


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Why Smart Event Manager

Key Benefits

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Time savings and cost reduction

Automate processes such as reservations and billing, saving you time and money. You reduce manual data entry and avoid errors.

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Integration with other systems

Integrate Smart Event Manager with POS systems, accounting software and ticketing platforms for a seamless workflow.

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Understanding processes

Get better insight into your processes, such as upcoming events and staff scheduling, so you can respond quickly to changes and issues.

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Work where and when you want

You can access all the information you need on various devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Quality improvement

Optimize processes and better respond to customer needs, such as event personalization, for improved quality of your events.

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Grows with your growth

Start with the Essentials version and upgrade to more advanced versions as your business grows. Take advantage of the benefits of Smart Event Manager regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate.

Why choose Smart Event Manager?

Let your business learn and grow from the experience and knowledge that comes together in Smart Event Manager.

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One source of information

Let everything run smoothly and efficiently without fragmented or incomplete information.

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Suitable for both small and large businesses, with powerful features for successful events.

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Ease of operation

Intuitive and user-friendly features developed in collaboration with industry professionals.

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Complete control with a complete and up-to-date picture of your customers and events.

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‘The software is really only half of our product. Support is the other half, which we think is very important. This is how we help our customers get the most out of the system. Jaap de Vries, Managing Partner

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Smart Event Manager is suitable for any organization, from startups to mature companies. Choose from products like Essentials, Premium and Enterprise and grow to more advanced versions as needed.

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