Reservations with Smart Event Manager: efficient and versatile


See at a glance whether a space to be reserved is still available. With automatic capacity control, it is not possible to double-book spaces. View in a daily, weekly or monthly view. With smart functionalities to quickly view reservations and easily make reservations.

Standard reservations

Use standard reservations to generate a complete reservation in one click. That way you don’t have to rebuild every reservation. Combine standard reservations with customization, just the way you want it!


Of course, you want to offer your clients the opportunity to put together customized events. Our reservation software fully supports this. You can create packages, combine packages and single products, or even enter products specific to one reservation.

Offers and confirmations

Manual quotation generation is a thing of the past. In a few clicks, you generate quotes and confirmations from the reservation that you send directly to the customer. The quotation is formatted in your corporate identity and provided with photos and impressions of the atmosphere.

Online approval

No more fussing with paperwork and waiting for the client’s approval. Approving quotes online saves you time and increases the efficiency of the approval process.

Success Stories

With 20 years of experience and more than 1000 organizations in the Netherlands working with us, we are a major player in software for event organizers.

No more double entry!

Smart Event Manager ensures that information from your reservation is generated in one click into reports for internal communication. No more handwritten notes or work sheets.

Work sheet

Make the entire process of the event transparent to all parties involved with the touch of a button. If you update the reservation, the work sheet will automatically be updated. Fast and flawless.

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Production lists

Easily generate production lists by department or supplier. This makes it clear to everyone what needs to be done and who is responsible for what.

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Get rid of all those separate to-do lists. Create an overview of tasks by linking automatic actions to employees or departments.

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  • Draaiboek
    Maak met één druk op de knop het volledige proces van het evenement inzichtelijk voor alle betrokken partijen. Pas je de reservering aan, dan zal het draaiboek automatisch up-to-date zijn. Foutloos en snel.

  • Productielijsten
    Genereer eenvoudig productielijsten per afdeling of leverancier. Hierdoor is het voor iedereen duidelijk wat er moet gebeuren en wie waar verantwoordelijk voor is.

  • Acties
    Weg met al die losse to do lijstjes. Creëer overzicht in de werkzaamheden door automatische acties aan medewerkers of afdelingen te koppelen.

Why Smart Event Manager

Key Benefits

Reservation statuses

Make the most of your capacity by using various reservation statuses, such as optional and queue reservations. At a glance, you can see which reservation has which status.

Program groups

By working with program groups, you maintain an overview of all the program components of your reservation. Easily change the number of people per program group.

Person specification

For each reservation, specify how many adults and how many children will be present. You can combine this with different prices per specification.


Series allow you to quickly and easily repeat reservations, whether in a pattern of your own choosing or not. Repeated reservations can be made deviant.

Production units

Differentiate who makes a product and create a production list for each production unit. This makes it easy to maintain production lists by department.


Maintain records of all communications done within the reservation. This makes it easy to find information and information is never lost.

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