Smart Event Manager Enterprise offers the most comprehensive capabilities to automate your event organization. With Enterprise, you save time and money through better internal communication, automation of your processes and a complete and up-to-date picture of your operations.

With Enterprise, you get all the functionality of Premium, plus much more:

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Gain easy insight into the availability of your facilities. This allows you to immediately see which events are taking place and where you still have availability. Work with different reservation statuses.

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Plan your events and get a full quote instantly. Take advantage of packages and individual product sales. Perform comprehensive checks and set up schedules and budgets automatically.

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Easily create invoices of all your events, make down payments, add post-calculations, create collective invoices, check debtors and send reminders.

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Contact your customers, view a log of all communication and keep track of follow-up actions so you don’t forget anything. Create audiences for your marketing purposes.

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Production lists

Easily automatically generate your production lists for the different departments. This makes it clear to everyone what needs to be done and who is responsible for what.

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Automatic processes

Take advantage of various automated processes, such as invoicing and payment reminders. This allows you to save a lot of time and makes the process more efficient.

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See your KPIs at a glance. Establish budgets and see if your organization is meeting its stated goals. Standard reports or customized, just the way you want.

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Gross profit margins

The software calculates the gross profit margin of your reservation even before you send your quote. This way, you have certainty about your margin, even if you do custom work.

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Improve the collaboration of employees with multiple establishments in one system. Authorize employees to view management information by branch or provide them with an overall view.


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Improve quality

  • One source of information. No fragmented or incomplete information.
  • Improve internal communication. Increase the quality of your organization without spending a lot of time on it.
  • Automatically exchange debtor and invoice information with your accounting software by using one of the standard links.
  • Manage your customers and make selections based on target audience. Get complete insight into your relation log and follow up on open actions immediately.
  • Don’t forget anything through automatic generation of tasks to be performed for the reservation process.

Increase efficiency

  • Automate administrative processes around reservations and invoices. You keep more time for guiding and advising your clients.
  • Save time creating quotes and confirmations. Provide your customers with a nicely formatted quotation, possibly with images and atmospheric impressions.
  • Inform (external) suppliers of deliveries for new or changed reservations at the touch of a button.
  • Have real-time visibility into up-to-date schedules and production lists. On paper or easily viewed on tablet or smartphone.
  • Easily and quickly capture a single reservation or multiple reservations with a repeat pattern. An exception to the series is easily adjusted.
  • Give customers the ability to place reservations, make deposits and compose quotes online themselves.
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Insight and control

  • Handle payments correctly and without time-consuming operations. Down payments are calculated and automatically settled during the final bill.
  • Put together packages where the customer sees one price, but is financially broken down across different accounts and VAT rates.
  • Steer by gross profit margin, record cost prices and gain insight into changes.
  • Use our dashboards to make data-informed decisions for your business operations.

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Get even more out of Smart Event Manager Enterprise

In addition to the standard functionality of Smart Event Manager Enterprise, you can additionally choose our Online Reservation and Staff Planning modules. In addition, it is possible to easily interface the system with other systems commonly used in the industry, such as accounting and POS systems.

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Online Reservation

Increase the number of inquiries by allowing your customers to compose their quote directly online. At the same time, upselling increases as it becomes easier for customers to purchase additional products. Does the offer meet the requirements? Then your customer can finalize it immediately. All this without costing your employees time.

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Staff Planning

Do you want fewer errors in the planning of your staff and want staffing and planning that is always complete? Do you want clarity in the availability of your employees? Then the Staff Planning module is of added value! Staff Planning provides full integration with reservations and is flexible so that changes can be made simply.

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Link Smart Event Manager with your financial system to export debtor data and journal entries. To then see the paid invoices from the accounting system processed again in Smart Event Manager. This eliminates manual input, reduces errors and saves time.

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POS system

Link Smart Event Manager with your POS system to get post-calculations automatically on the invoice in Smart Event Manager. No more hassle with separate notes at the cash register. Depending on your POS system, you’ll also get insight into paid deposits and outstanding bills.

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We are here for you!

We get you up and running quickly with Smart Event Manager Enterprise. We understand that implementation of software is a journey of change, which should not be underestimated. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in organizing events. With our in-depth product knowledge, we support you in making the right setup choices so that implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Success Stories

With 20 years of experience and over 500 companies in the Netherlands working with us, we are a major player in software for event organizers.

Starting with a simpler version?

Want a simpler system that is faster to implement? Then you can use the Essentials or Premium package. Later you can always advance to Enterprise, or you can keep working with the simpler version!