Staff Planning

Planning program

Want to make sure you have enough staff scheduled for your events? With our smart scheduling module, you can easily divide all tasks. The program always thinks with you about the number of staff members needed. Then the software helps classify employees. The scheduling program even takes into account the skills and availability of your staff. You thus make effective use of the personnel you have available.

Why Smart Event Manager

Opportunities with the scheduling program


For certain tasks within an event, you need specialized staff. For example, personnel with certain skills. You can see immediately with our scheduling program which staff members are available and meet the required skills. This way you always have the right staff assigned.


There are also tasks to be performed that are separate from reservations, such as for cashiers or restaurant service. You can create scenarios in advance for busy or quiet days. Once you apply these scenarios, the scheduling program automatically determines the appropriate staffing requirements and easily creates a complete schedule.


The scheduling program automatically performs checks so you don’t forget anything when creating the schedules. For example, if more people are expected for a reservation, the scheduling program will issue a notification. You can immediately adjust the schedule and schedule additional staff.

Online roster

Through the online module of the scheduling program, employees can directly view the schedule. They see what tasks they are assigned to and when they are due on location. Optionally, employees can confirm tasks via the online roster, or submit their own availability for the upcoming period.


Is there a change in the schedule? Staff receive instant notification so they are aware of a schedule change. This is ideal if, for example, your staff needs to be at another location. Or if a shift starts at a different time.


It is possible to let your staff specify which events they want to participate in. You can then set up open enrollment for the tasks. Of course, staff can only sign up for tasks where the skills are sufficient, and you ultimately approve which staff members can work on the event.

Success Stories

With 20 years of experience and over 500 companies in the Netherlands working with us, we are a major player in software for event organizers.

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